Adapt to what is coming

  • developing scenarios for a system
  • defining priorities - what to preserve
  • strengthening resilience and antifragility


We have developed a workbook for Organizations 

that can be used freely, 

if you want for guiding you through 3 consecutive workshops:

Workshop I:
1) DNA of the Organization
2) Transformational Canvas so far
3) What to preserve?

Workshop II:
4) Global Shadows
5) Glocal Shadows
6) Scenarios

Workshop III
7) Map of Needs - Needs relevant for our Organization
8) Ingredients for the NGL
9) Developing Resilience and Antifragility
10) Making difficult decisions
11) Orientation Canvas
12) Transformational Canvas of the future
13) Telling a Future Story of our Organization


happy to hear your feedback,
let us know if something is unclear or you want support