The "New Good Life" project comprises for now four spaces:

  1. Space for Dialogue - addressing individuals
  2. Space for Organizations - addressing leaders 
  3. Space for Analysis and Conception - addressing "nerds" who want to dive deeper
    1. into the shadows,
    2. into the ingredients for a NGL,
    3. into social structures that support the NGL
  4. Space for personal transformation - addressing individuals who search for ways integrate the energies set free by intense personal processes around "Shadow work". Please contact Bernhard directly if you are interested.

The New Good Life project is initiated by Bernhard Possert AND an open system. People and organizations who want to contribute are invited. The more player emerge the more we will have to develop a governance that enables that the movement belongs to itself and cannot be owned or controlled by a single player - not even Bernhard.

Materials developed here are Creative Commons: You can use it freely, even make money with it. If you adapt it and republish it you need to do that under the same conditions. Please let us know about your adaptions that we can learn from each other. 

Most documents are available as Google Docs to enable comments for improvement and to enable you to copy and adapt it for your purposes.

English is the default language. Some material is available in English and German. Very few elements are only available in German for now. Feel free to become the "godparent" of another language version.

The documents are work in progress. You can see that they are far from finished and polished. You will find not only language mistakes, but also incoherent use of terms, hinting at different phases of development. We hope to get to a phase when we feel that we have established a coherent body of material that we can enter the phase to finalize a first version that can be edited and published as one document. Let us know if you feel called to contribute here.

Bernhard Possert is a consultant living in Graz/Austria, working in Austria and internationally -, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.; +43 664 4245154