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Public: Open Space Dialogues - Series

Local discourse in Graz / Styria / Austria:

  • We are inviting people to german speaking evening Salons in Graz with small groups. 
  • If intererested, here the doodle


  • I am referring to organizations as systems generating some benefit for the customers, employees and the whole.
  • For me it is evident that at least for the western world organizations are central gardens for the New Good Life.
  • Here I am offering a series with 6 meetings - first text here
  • A workbook for "Transformative Organizations as Gardens for the New Good Life" will be available before the meeting series start.
  • I am also in the process of designing special formats for organizations: Simulations, Scenario Workshops and Strategy Dialogues. If somebody wants to join me in designing a simulation game please let me know.
  • Join the Linkedin Group if you want to join the dialogue


In addition to that you can join:

a) Gardeners Training Cycle
a program with 3 quarters for people who want to dive deeper; see the draft description here:  

b) The "Jungle"
A platform for persons who want to contribute and experiment; interaction via (like slack, only free); apply here and then please let me know via email

c) NGL retreat
From July 3rd to July 7th 2023 I invite to a special NGL retreat in Styria, "Haus der Stille", near Graz; details to be determined; interested to shape these days? pls let me know

Everything is Creative Commons - that means: It is free. You can even make money with it. The only thing: If you adapt it and republish it, you need to let me know (information, not asking), give the source and do it under the same conditions (Creative Commons) 

Bernhard Possert
Organizational Consultant,
Dialectical Practitioner,